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Up to 15 000 pesos at 0,01% for 14 days only for new clients!

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Choose the amount you want to borrow
The less amount you take, the higher the chance of approval.
Register on the service
Do not lie and make any mistakes or you'll be denied a loan.
Choose the type of loan and the company
You can apply for several companies at the same time.
Get your money on the card
After choosing the company and checking your personal data.

For all purposes

Honest loans for honest people
Instant help
10 000 ₱
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Emergency loans
For long term
50 000 ₱
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Apply in 10 minutes
Instant money transfer
Emergency loans

The ways to receive money

Bank card

Feedback from our clients

"My laptop has broken and I needed to repair it instantly, but the bank denied my request. I`ve sent an application on and in half of an hour got 30 000 pesos to my card, at 0% interest rate. I`m going to pay as soon as I get salary! Thanks a lot, you really helped me out!"
"Today I`ve got two approved loans in different organizations. That`s comfortable, I needed to fill out only one application, as the result I have chosen the loan with the best offerings. I got money after in 20 minutes."

Lenders on the platform

Money cat
MoneyCat Financing Inc. Address: Unit 1701 Tycoon bldg Pearl Drive st. Brgy San Antonio Ortigas Center Pasig City, ph 1800. Certificate of Authority To Operate Number: 1254 granted by the Securities & Exchange Commission.
Online Loans
We are SEC-registered financing company with a Registration № CS201726430, CA №1181 Unit 1402-06 14th Flr Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Pasig City
Loan Online
JEFF ESTONIA OÜ, registered in the Republic of Estonia with business number 16372962.