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Offer of the contract of assignment

Densure LLC, hereinafter referred to as the “Attorney”, publishes this offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), which is a public offer (offer) to individuals interested in concluding credit agreements and loan agreements for purposes unrelated to their business activities, and as a consequence interested in submitting applications to credit organizations, microfinance organizations for the conclusion of these contracts and all necessary documents.

The unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of this offer is the completion by an individual of the lead generation form on the website indicating his data (name, phone number and/or email address, employment information and pressing the “Continue” button. Due to the fact that pressing the “Continue” button is impossible programmatically without marking the acceptance of the terms of this offer, sending data via the lead generation form is an unconditional acceptance of this offer. From the moment of these actions to accept the offer, an individual is considered to have entered into contractual relations with the Attorney as a Principal.

1. Concepts and terms:

Partners – microfinance organizations, as well as partner banks of the Attorney or their representatives, with whom Densure LLC has concluded contracts under which the latter is obliged, in addition to informing interested parties about financial products, in particular, to redirect applications of such persons to microfinance organizations, banks or representatives of microfinance organizations, banks. The list of Partners is presented at the link:

Application – information about the principal-an individual who provided his data and (or) documents (including scanned copies) for their further transfer to Partners for making a decision on the possibility of concluding a contract with him.

Loan agreement is an agreement on the provision of borrowed funds to the Principal by the Partner, which the Principal intends to conclude with the Partner.

2. Subject of the contract

The Principal (an individual who has accepted this offer) instructs the Attorney (Densure LLC), acting in the interests of the Principal, to transfer the data and documents provided by the Principal to the Partners for them to decide on the possibility of concluding an agreement with the Principal, and the Attorney undertakes to transfer the specified data to the Partners in the form required by each of the Partners and to the extent necessary for the Partner to make a decision on the possibility of concluding a contract.

If, after receiving a positive decision of the Partner, the Principal instructs the Attorney to transfer to the Partner the documents and (or) copies of documents necessary for the conclusion of the loan agreement, the Attorney, at the request of the Principal, provides the latter with a list of documents necessary for the conclusion of the contract by a specific Partner. Documents submitted by the Principal according to the list (including scanned copies) The Attorney undertakes to transfer to the Partner with whom the Principal has expressed his intention to conclude an agreement.

The data and documents that the Principal instructs the Attorney to transfer to the Partner are described in section 3 of this agreement.

3. Procedure for providing data and documents

In pursuance of this agreement, the Principal provides by filling out the lead generation form on the website, data on the phone number and e-mail address, thereby accepting this offer in the manner described in the preamble. In addition to these data, the Principal provides the Attorney with the following documents and data:

Further, everything listed in this paragraph is referred to as “documents”.

All documents are submitted by sending scanned copies by the Principal to the Attorney by e-mail from the email address of the Principal specified when accepting this offer. This method is recognized by the parties as appropriate.

4. Rights and obligations of the Parties

The attorney is obliged to:

The attorney has the right to:

The principal has the right to:

The principal is obliged to:

5. Personal data. Mailing. The procedure for revoking consent

6. Consideration of disputes. Final provisions